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Charisma Chiropractic Office Chair

The Charisma Chiropractor Approved Orthopaedic Office Chair is a chair suited to a wide range of functions from the 24hr operator to the Executive in the Board Room.

It has full adjustability increasing its scope of use. This is beneficial because there is no such thing as the ‘average person’ that so many chairs have been designed around. The chair is manufactured using durable and permeable material that will dissipate moisture and heat to improve user comfort.

The chair is easily adjusted and can all be done comfortably from the sitting position. There is a full height adjustment of the chair through a gas lift.

The chair comes with an adjustable seat base. There is backward and forward adjustments available ensuring that the user can properly adjust the seat to ensure that they have the correct depth for the length of their thigh.

The helps to:

·Promote the circulation in the lower limbs

·Allow users of different heights to use the same chair

·Increases the comfort of the chair

·Increase the versatility of the chair

This is further helped by the rounded edges of the cushion and the ample cushioning provided by the seat base. Body contoured cushions and well proportioned bolstering provide a comfortable supportive feel.

The contouring of the seat base allows the user to maintain the correct position with the least effort. This helps to decrease fatigue and maximise circulation.

This allows the chair to:

· Reduce the chance of varicose veins developing

· Be suitable for users with circulatory problems

· Be adjustable for people of different heights

The chair back is height adjustable independently to the seat. This allows users of different heights to be able to adjust the chair to their needs. It ensures the lumbar support is correctly positioned to provide maximum benefit to the user. The lumbar support is cushioned and curved to effectively support the normal lumbar curve. The curved lumbar cushion and the lateral contouring ensure that the user can maintain the correct sitting position for longer and with less effort decreasing fatigue in the spine.

The correct posture enables the spine to adopt the natural curvature of the lumbar spine (or lordosis) which reduces the stress on the intervertebral discs and the joints and muscles of the lower back decreasing the chance of injury or premature degeneration. The high back of the chair allows for excellent support of the upper back and shoulders decreasing the weight transferred to the lower back and the strain on the upper back and shoulders.

Collectively the contoured height adjustable seat back helps:

· Make it suitable for people of different heights

· Alleviate the strain on the lower back

· Help people with existing low back problems

· Help to prevent users developing lower back problems

· Help users with, and prevent, upper back and shoulder problems

· Accommodate users preferences of where and how the lumbar support contacts the back

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Charisma Chiropractic Office Chair


Back Height Adjustment
Removable Headrest
Height Adjustment
Seat Slide Adjustment
Traditional Tilt
Guarantee 1 year
Has Headrest Yes
Frame Material Polished Chrome
Seat/Back Tilt Controls Independant No
Lumbar Adjustment No
Made of Enviro-Leather No