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Blue Cornflower with vase

• No minimum light required
• No climatic restrains
• Displays can be tailored to required size & shape
• No falling leaves, No watering , No pruning, No risk of infestation
• Won’t outgrow their location
• Consistent environment enhancement

Plants Are Highly Lifelike And Low Maintenance!

Our replica plant range is so realistic that most people can’t tell them apart from live plants.
The biggest advantage of artificial plants is that they will never die - even when left alone without care for weeks on end!
The only upkeep involved for replica plants is regular dusting; unlike live plants replica plants don’t require regular watering, fertilizing, pruning and cleaning.

It has been proven that bringing the outside in helps to inject life and vitality into people’s work and living spaces, contributing to a healthy and productive living and working environment.

• Attract and retain clients & staff
• Increase productivity and stimulate creativity
• Reduce stress and absenteeism
• Absorb heat and sound
• Improve the quality of the indoor environment
• Money invested in plants in the workplace is recovered quickly due to reduced absenteeism

Scientifically proven facts from extensive research

“Productivity increased 12% with plants.”
Dr Lohr, Washington State University

“Reported health problems in the group were 25% lower with interior plants.”
Professor Dr Tove Field, Norway University

“People happy with their work environment can improve a company’s bottom line of 30%.”
Research by the HR consultancy, Hay Group

“Plants and flowers improve idea generation, creative performance and problem solving.”
Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University

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Blue Cornflower with vase


Dimensions 300mm
Guarantee Faulty goods only