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The Office Chair Shop

About The Office Chair Shop

First off, thanks for coming to read this page; in fact, thanks for coming to our website in the first place - we appreciate the chance to try and sell you some chairs, or tables, or whatever it is you may want!

A Litte Intro..

As you know, we are theofficechairshop.co.uk, we strive for simplicity in all we do and wanted our name to reflect this, so what you see is what you get. Oh yeh, we added some and Plants in for good measure, but we didn’t think www.theofficechairandplantshop.co.uk was a very good name to be honest.

Our Goals

When we built this site, we had a few core goals in mind:

  1. We want it to be easy to use
  2. We wanted it to have awesome customer service!
  3. We didn’t want to make you feel terminally bored

We think we’ve fulfilled these goals, but if you don’t, why don’t you let us know? You never know, there may be something in it for you!

What Can You Expect from Us?

So, in short, what can you expect from us?

  1. We will provide you with brilliant support, before AND after your purchase
  2. We’ll always provide you with the best quality chairs we can
  3. We aim to give you those chairs at a great price
  4. We try to be a bit more human, and a bit less faceless, than the competition

We hope to see you shopping with us, and if you have decided not to, why not tell us why? We love honesty!